We were never big on gift shop presents for any occasion because they’re a waste of money, they lead to lack of excitement for the person receiving it so they have to fake it and they are never special in any way. Instead, we always aspired to give unique and personalized gifts with a goal of strengthening bonds with our friends, family and coworkers.

This is the driving force behind starting this blog. We want to build a community of great gift givers, we want to share our experience and ideas, comment on others’ professional and DIY gifts and we want to give you the opportunity to be that one person in your circle who “always gives the perfect present”, no matter the occasion and no matter the budget.

And what better way of giving an exceptional present than by preparing a gift basket. It includes gathering supplies yourself, taking the time to decide on the theme, picking perfect items to include and then putting personal touches through different choices available.

Join us on this journey by reading reading our blog, by commenting on what you agree or disagree with and by sharing your ideas and wishes which we will be more than happy to post here.

Just a quick disclaimer, while we are hoping to attract both amateurs and professionals in this filed, we, personally, are in no way experts and we do not own a gift giving business or anything like that.

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